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The benefits of using Lux Property Management

What is property management and why has it become so popular today? It is typically overseeing and managing the property of landlords and vendors. It has become popular due to the lucrative rental returns and the ease of the whole process for the Landlord- the property managers acts on behalf of the landlord to maintain the property's value whilst generating rental returns. 



Starting with your investment property, you could decide whether to hire a property manager, or to do it yourself. What can we as property managers do for you? We have a large database of quality tenants who have been accessed by us, seeking a property to call home, or even tourists looking for short-term accomodation. Our team of experienced property managers will guarantee you a reliable rental income coupled with increased capital growth. Not only that, we will take care of all bills and payments, or any maintenace procedures requireed - you only need to sit back and relax!



At Lux, our results speak for us. Sign up for our complimentary 3-month property management service for free, with no-strings attached. Call 02 9188 5515 or email today!